REVIEW: Toshiba Satellite S40t Touchscreen Laptop under RM2000

Toshiba Satellite S40t laptop
Toshiba Satellite S40t laptop
Toshiba Satellite S40t laptop

Toshiba Satellite S40t is not expensive laptop with fastest processor and graphic card, nor it is lightweight ultrabook which can fit in a file. S40t is marketed as “entertainment laptop” with an affordable price tag and practical features. Read on my review for Toshiba Satellite S40t specs, features and performance.


The loan unit I received is Toshiba Satellite S40t-AS107. It is powered by Intel Core i3 3227U 1.90 GHz CPU and 4GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM (expandable to 16GB). 500GB SATA hard disk.

Display size is 14.1-inch LED display (1366×768 pixels) with 10-point multi touch. Computer graphic is powered by Intel HD Graphics 4000.

Toshiba Satellite S40t laptop - input/output ports
Toshiba Satellite S40t laptop – input/output ports

S40t has a DVD-RW drive on the left side, along with a USB 2.0 port and RJ45 (LAN port). On the right side, there are 2x USB 3.0 ports, HDMI out, D-Sub (VGA) port, headphone and mic jacks. SD memory card reader is located at the front. It supports WiFi, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, too.

Toshiba Satellite S40t uses 43Wh battery and weight starts from 2.15KG.

Toshiba S40t Review

Toshiba Satellite S40t is pre-installed Windows 8 (64-bit); a touchscreen display is recommneded for Windows 8 computer. S40t display is 14.1-inch 10-point multi touch. Like all the glossy displays, you have to bear with the glare and smudges. The good news is that S40t touch screen is responsive, no lag nor sluggish; the display colour is bright and sharp.

Also, I would like the lid has bigger adjustable angle. The lid’s current maximum angle is not comfortable to use the laptop on laps.

Toshiba Satellite S40t laptop - large trackpad
Toshiba Satellite S40t laptop – large trackpad

Toshiba Satellite S40t has a big button-less matte surface trackpad. You press it down on left/right side to simulate left/right mouse click.

The trackpad supports Windows 8 gestures; one-finger-swipe out from left edge return to previous application; one-finger-swipe out from right edge calls out Windows 8 charm bar. Two-finger gestures are supported too for page scrolling.

Unfortunately, the page scrolling gesture is not smooth, such as: it can not keep up my gesture movement and stopped scrolling while I was still swiping with two-finger. Also, I kept getting unintended Windows 8 charm bar pop-up because the trackpad registered my two-finger swipe as one-finger. I could not find the trackpad gesture setting to disable it.

Here is a tip to reduce the gesture error: keep your fingers in the middle of the trackpad, reserves the left and right area for Windows 8 gestures.

S40t notebook uses tiled full-size-like keyboard with glossy frame. The keys are actually smaller than full-size keyboard. The glossy keyboard frame looks gorgeous at first but you will notice smudges after a while. Personally, I think S40t keyboard key press is a bit soft, not enough tactile feedback.

Toshiba Satellite S40t laptop with DTS sound
Toshiba Satellite S40t laptop with DTS sound

What I like most about Toshiba Satellite S40t is its great sound output. The built-in Onyko speakers with DTS sound located right under the display. The speakers are very loud that the sound can fill your whole room (surround sound). Speech is clear; treble is good, but I like to have more bass.

Performance benchmarks

First of all, Toshiba Satellite S40t boot-up in seconds that it uses SSD! Credit to Toshiba HDD Accelerator technology, perhaps. Not performance related, but I want to mention that I like the light ring around power button.

Overall, I did not notice performance problem. My usage mainly web browsing, writing, streaming online music and tested some Windows 8 small games.

The loan unit I received uses Intel HD Graphic 4000. If you are into 3D gaming or photo/video editing, you would like to upgrade it to the optional dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GT740M with 2GB RAM. Otherwise, the shared graphic is capable to handle your daily home/work usage.

I did not notice laptop heat problem. The palm rest is cool; laptop bottom is a bit warm but not hot.

In order to have a better performance overview, I ran FutureMark professional benchmark softwares on Toshiba Satellite S40t-AS107:

  • PCMark 7 (basic edition): 2,640
  • PCMark 8 (Home*): 3,642
  • 3DMark (CloudGate): 3,070

*PC Mark 8 (Home) tests includes web browsing, writing, photo editing, video chat and casual gaming

For laptop battery life, S40t could last up to 4 hours in my usage: writing, web surfing, streaming online music. I also used FutureMark’s PowerMark to benchmark the battery life:

For “balanced” usage (even splits between web browsing, word processing, video and gaming workloads), S40t last 3 hours 7 minutes. For “multimedia” test (includes video and gaming workloads), the battery last 2 hours 16 minutes. Just enough to finish watching a movie.

Photo Gallery

Price & Availability

Toshiba Satellite S40t-AS107 retail price in Malaysia is RM 1,999 (Intel Core i3) and RM 2,499 (Intel Core i5). Other S40t configurations are also available, such as Intel Core i5 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M dedicated graphic card, and 750GB hard disk.

Please visit Toshiba Malaysia for more information and where to buy.

LiewCF’s Buying Advice

Toshiba Satellite S40t is an affordable Windows 8 laptop with multi-touch display, many input/output ports, and great sound output.

I would recommend S40t for most home users whose main computer usage is writing, surfing, playing videos and some games. It is a desktop replacement laptop and entertainment hub for most families.

Pro: great sound output; good touchscreen display; full array of buil-in ports; affordable price.
Con: trackpad gestures are not smooth; not comfortable use on laps.
Rate: 4 out of 5

I would like to thank TOSHIBA for the opportunity to review Toshiba Satellite S40t. This is a free product review with honest write-up. Interesting to send your products for review? Get in touch with me.

Windows XP End-of-Support: What Does It Mean to Your Business?

Windows XP support count down
Windows XP support count down
Windows XP support count down

Is your company computer still using Windows XP? Please tell your boss that Microsoft will end the support for the 11-year old operating system on 8 April 2014. It means you will no longer receive security updates, fixes or technical support for computer that still running Windows XP.

“While XP was one of the most popular operating systems in Microsoft’s history, it was not designed to handle the challenges of today, such as the increased exposure to cyber-attacks and demands for more data privacy, unlike our newer operating systems such as Windows 7 and 8.”, said Danny Ong, Chief Marketing and Operations Officer of Microsoft Malaysia.

According to StatCounter (March 2013), Windows XP still makes up 20.39% of PCs in Malaysia, which equates to over 3.6 million PCs. The data also shows that 60% PCs in Malaysia are running Windows 7, which was launched in October 2009.

Check out the infographic below (click to enlarge):

Windows XP EOS Infographic
Windows XP EOS Infographic (click to enlarge)

According to Microsoft’s Security Intelligence Report, Volume 13, released in June 2012, Windows XP with SP3 is 3 times more vulnerable than Windows 7 SP1. Also, there are increasing security threats such as Malware, hacktivism, fake virus alerts in the last decade. Plus, the risk of system failure and software/hardware issues also increase because compatibility issue with Windows XP.

Dr. Amirudin Abdul Wahad, CEO of Cybersecurity Malaysia, commented, “Whether you’re an SMB or consumer in Malaysia, the dangers of continued use of XP are real and the risks should not be under-estimated. Windows XP is three generations behind Microsoft’s most modern operating system so continuing to use PCs with XP is similar to driving a car without a seat belt or a motorbike without a helmet. The risks are real and the only way to protect yourself and the organization is to upgrade.”

Windows Upgrade Offer

Microsoft launched the Windows Upgrade Centre website to help SMBs understand the risks, get migration helps, as well as special offers for Windows 8.

Microsoft’s Surface RT to Launch in Malaysia

Surface RT photo
Surface RT photo
Surface RT photo

Microsoft Malaysia has confirmed that Surface RT will be released in Malaysia on 25 April 2013. Free giveaways will be given to the first 300 customers at the launch event.

After months of waiting, Microsoft Surface RT will finally be available in Malaysia from 25 April 2013. It was released in USA on October 26, 2012. Still, Microsoft did not release Surface RT at the Windows 8 launch in Asiac Pacific in December 2012.

“We’re incredibly thrilled that Malaysians will soon be able to experience a new category of devices firsthand, beginning with Surface RT,” said Carlos Lacerda, Managing Director of Microsoft Malaysia.

[box type=”info”]Update: Surface RT price and availability in Malaysia[/box]

Surface RT launch event

Surface RT will be launched in Malaysia on the evening of 25 April 2013 (Thursday) at Publika Shopping Gallery, Kuala Lumpur. The first 300 customers at the launch event will receive free giveaways worth at least RM300.

In conjunction with the launch party, Microsoft has some great activities lined up including special appearances by Mizz Nina, DJ Ben of Fly FM and the ELECOLDXHOT dance crew.

Surface RT will also be available through selected stores nationwide from Challenger Malaysia, Harvey Norman, and Thunder Match Technology.

What is Surface RT?

Surface RT is Microsoft branded 10.6-inch tablet running Windows RT operating system (can install Windows Store apps only). It is powered by 1.3GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor and 2GB RAM.

Surface RT available in 32GB or 64GB storage capacity, however, up to 16GB used by system software. You can add storage space using the microSDXC card slot. It also includes a full-size USB port.

Office Home & Student 2013 RT (includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote apps) is free and pre-installed for Surface RT.

Dual cameras, both are 1.2 MegaPixel. Battery life is up to 8 hours. Surface RT weight 680g.

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How much?

Microsoft Malaysia hasn’t revealed the official Surface RT price in Ringgit Malaysia yet. However, Surface RT 32GB is USD499 (RM1500)  and USD599 (RM1800) for 64GB version in USA. The optional touch cover cost USD100.

[box type=”info”]Update: Surface RT price and availability in Malaysia[/box]

Visit for more information.

ASUS Transformer AiO is All-in-One Windows 8 PC cum Supersize Android Tablet

ASUS Transformer AiO P1801 is all-in-one Windows 8 desktop PC with standalone Android tablet
ASUS Transformer AiO P1801 is all-in-one Windows 8 desktop PC with standalone Android tablet
ASUS Transformer AiO P1801 is all-in-one Windows 8 desktop PC with standalone Android tablet

ASUS Transformer AiO P1801 is world’s first Windows 8 desktop PC with standalone Android tablet. How is it possible? Read on to find out.

ASUS Transformer AiO consists of two parts: a) PC dock station and b) a detachable 18.4-inch tablet. The tablet itself is a Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) tablet powered by NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-core processor. Inside the PC Station are Intel Core processor and other computer hardware to run Windows 8.

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OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3 Update: Boot Camp Support Windows 8 and 3TB HDD, Safari 6.0.3 and more

Mountain Lion
Mountain Lion
Mountain Lion (Image credit: digitalART2 –

Apple OS X Mountain Lion version 10.8.3 update brings Windows 8 and 3TB hard drive support for Boot Camp, Safari 6.0.3, redeem iTunes gift cards using Mac’s camera, and other fixes that improve performance, stability, and security.

Apple released OS X Mountain Lion version 10.8.3 update today. New in the update is Boot Camp now support for installing Windows 8 and support Macs with 3 TB hard drive. A new way to redeem iTunes gift cards in Mac App Store using your Mac’s build-in camera. Safari 6.0.3 is included in the latest update with improved performance.

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