8 Winning Apps of WOWZAPP Malaysia 2012 Software Development Marathon

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Microsoft WOWZAPP 2012 Hackathon for Windows was participated by 413 students and software developers. The event has been recognized by the Malaysia Book of Records for the “most number of participants in a software development marathon”.

In this article, you will learn about the 8 winning apps of WOWZAPP Malaysia 2012, including the developers behind them and their download pages on Windows Store.

WOWZAPP Malaysia 2012 was part of the WOWZAPP 2012 Worldwide Hackathon held simultaneously in more than 30 locations worldwide from 9–11 November 2012 for 32 hours straight.

Participants were provided with the resources to build their apps, such as Visual Studio 2012 Express for Windows 8 and a free Windows Store registration code, as well as guidance of developer experts and trainers from Microsoft.

At the end of the event, 94 teams had submit 94 apps for consideration for the Windows Store.

8 winning apps of WOWZAPP Malaysia 2012

Malaysia WOWZAPP 2012 winners
Group photo of Dinesh Nair, Director of Developer and Platform Evangelism for Microsoft Malaysia with the proud winners of the Malaysia WOWZAPP 2012 Hackathon for Windows.

1. Food with Friends

food with friends
food with friends

A social networking app for foodies. Login with Facebook, search a favorite place and share it out! When they comment on any of your post on facebook, you will be able to see them on the app and arrange a food gathering!

Award: Best Overall (Student)
Developer: Lim Shang Yi
Download: http://aka.ms/MYFoodWithFriends

2. Tap Tap Color

Tap Tap Color
Tap Tap Color

An addictive casual games app that challenges the gamers to get points by tapping onto colored tiles. It can run in single player or multi-player mode.

Award: Most Fun
Developers: Marvin Heng Hiang Meng, Tham Cheng Bin, Yap May Kee
Download: http://aka.ms/TapColor

3. English4Kids


English4Kids is a educational application that aims to teach kids names of animals and fruit in a fun and interesting way! Fun music and voice overs keep kids entertained.

Award: Most Innovative (Student)
Developers: Mohammed Omar, Zoheir Ahmed
Download: http://aka.ms/EN4Kids

4. Meme Rockband 2

Meme Rockband 2
Meme Rockband 2

One or two players can run their virtual band thru this entertainment app. Players can select the musical instrument of their choice.

Award: Best of Show (Professional)
Developers: John Joel Saguit, Hassan Mohamad Basri, Beng Lon Mok
Download: http://aka.ms/MemeRockband2

5. Al Jazeera Hub

Aj Jazeera Hub
Aj Jazeera Hub

Al Jazeera Hub was designed to fetch Al Jazeera’s official feed, Facebook feed, Twitter feed and Youtube feed all in one beautiful panorama. Also, you can easily share within your social networks.

Award: Best Overall Mobile
Developers: Mohammed Omar
Download: http://aka.ms/AlJazeera

6. My Health

My Health
My Health

A functional app for everyone. It is a BMI Calculator and recommends activities for users.

Award: Best Social Impact
Developers: Tan Xiang Zhi
Download: http://aka.ms/MYHealth

7. Secret Recipe

Secret Recipe
Secret Recipe

Details about the retail chain of the same name, includes menus, promotions and franchise.

Award: iPay88 Challenge
Developers: Kee Yong Zheng
Download: http://aka.ms/SecretRecipe

8. Deal Hunt

Deal Hunt
Deal Hunt

This is an app that aggregates multiple group buying websites in Malaysia. Updating new deals every daily, it lightens the load of shopaholics! Now you do not need to spend time looking for deals, it’s all there for you!

Award: iPay88 Challenge
Developers: Eric Lai Weng Lec, Dhurkesh A/L Puspanathan, Ch’ng You Chao
Download: http://aka.ms/DealHunt

What did developers say about WOWZAPP?

“This has been an amazing experience for me to be able to learn new skills, network and exchange ideas with other software developers. WOWZAPP has provided me with access to resources and knowledge that will certainly help me to innovate and explore the possibilities in software development today and in the future.” – Lim Shang Yi, developer of Food with Friends app.

“Developing on the Windows 8 platform was fairly easy compared to other platforms. The resources and assistance made available to us during the Hackathon really helped us.” – Tham Cheng Bin, developer of the Tap Tap Color app.

“This is the first time we developed an app for Windows 8 and we found the experience really easy. There was ever-ready support from the Microsoft team on the ground to help guide us.” – John Joel Saguit, developer of the Meme Rock Band 2 app.

“WOWZAPP 2012 is a great place to meet and brainstorm with students, startups and developers whilst providing an opportunity to combine technology with entrepreneurship.” – Kee Yong Zheng, developer of Secret Recipe app.

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