Update 2: TMNet Streamyx ADSL Modem Light is Blinking Frequently (Solved)

This is another update about my complaint of frequent disconnection of TMNet Streamyx line. My line is finally up to quality after replacing the phone line with a higher quality wire. No more blinking modem light, no more disconnection!

In the previous update, I told you that the contractor replaced the phone line from phone post to my house. I was wrong. They only replaced the connector at the phone post. The line was still acceptable before I went to KL but it had become terrible this week, even with the new Linksys WAG200G router modem.

My elder brother made another report in Wednesday morning. Surprisingly, the contractor came in the afternoon of the day! This time, they re-wired the whole phone line from phone post goes straight to my phone socket. No internal wiring.

phone line straight from phone post
Image: phone line straight from phone post

The wire used is covered by black plastic, which is higher quality (tolerates thunder strikes) than the normal phone wire, according to the technician.

The following is the setup of my phone line:

phone line setup
Image: phone line setup

The black phone wire goes into my phone socket straight from the phone post. Then, a splitter + microfilter splits the line into two, one for phone; one for DSL. The other phone socket box is my another phone line used by FAX machine.

The technician tested the line quality with a electrical device. The old wire able to support up to 1800Kpbs. The new black wire can goes up to 2600Kbps. That’s a big improvement!

Here is the screenshot of my DSL connection status from the newly bought Linksys router with modem:

DSL connection status
The downstream rate is 1536Kbps. Not bad for 1Mbps package, huh? :)

Although the line can support up to 2+Mbps speed, but I DO NOT get the speed. My Streamyx package is 1Mbps, my line is capped on that speed. Anyway, it means I can upgrade to 2Mbps package in the future AND get the connection speed.

According to the technicians, a few of new living area nearby my area are able to get at least 8M! If I want to upgrade to 4M package, I would need to move! ;)

The cost of rewiring: RM40 (~USD12). Satisfaction of a customer: priceless.

My two cents

Although the problem was not solved in one shot, I must still praise the prompt actions of the technicians. They came to service my phone line in 24hour after report made. The technician was friendly and helpful, patiently explained the problems.

However, as the TMNet outsource its technical services, you might get different services than the others in the same town.

My friend who is living in the same town (Kluang) as mine has similar connection problem but had bad experience. He made a report (call & email) but the technician did not turn up even after 4 days.

Hopefully TM will do QA on their contractors for more standard and quality services.

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