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WordPress Archive Promotion

The nature of blog is sort according to latest posts. Your good written posts will be hidden in the blog archives. ME Strauss of Successful Blog suggested a few points to promote blog archive. I show you how to promote your WordPress archive with help of some WordPress plugins.

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WordPress plugins used:

Popularity Contest — the award winning plugin. It is powerful (yet small in size) WordPress plugin to track posts’ popularity.

Related Entries — the plugin shows possibly related posts and pages to current post.

Read on to know how to promote WordPress archive using the plugins.

WordPress Archive Promotion

The original list is written by ME Strauss. I apply it for WordPress bloggers.

  • Put Popular Posts where folks can find them.
    Plugin: Popularity Contest
    Description: Show most popular posts of the blog.
    Sample code:

    Most Popular Posts

      < ?php akpc_most_popular(); ?>


    Bonus: You can show popular posts of a category using the following line of code:
    <php if (is_category()) { akpc_most_popular_in_cat(); } ?>

  • Feature Related Articles at the end of every new post.
    Plugin: Related Entries
    Description: Show possibly related posts of current post.
    Sample code:
    < ?php related_posts(); ?>
  • Intra-Link to Past Articles when you can.
    Plugin: None
    Description: Link to previous posts wherever possible. What I usually do is searching my own blog for the related keywords (google site:liewcf.com). It will dig out some related old posts that can be applied in the new post.
  • Read your stats to see what’s popular and make more.
    Plugin: Popularity Contest
    Description: Popularity Contest can shows a “Most Popular Posts” report in WordPress Admin. From there, you know what are popular and you can write more posts around the popular topics.
  • If you get key word traffic, make sure it’s landing on the posts that it should.
    Plugin: None

    If it isn’t find a way to tag your posts so that the next person who searches with that key word gets to the post that delivers the right goods.

    Well, I am lost with this one. Does it mean that if you get traffic from a keyword then your blog should show the keyword related posts when people search on your blog? Please enlighten me.

My two cents

Hmm… I have done most in the list before I read it. I gonna write more on popular topics. :)

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