2GB Free Email Account

Update: Google Gmail is now giving away 2GB+ email space. Get yours by sending your Gmail invitation request to liewcf dot com [at] gmail dot com

Gmail 1GB is nothing! AventureMail offers the first and only 2GB free email service in the world! :shock:

Good News:

  • 2GB (2000MB)!
  • No Ads!
  • No scan your emails
  • FREE!

Bad News:
WE are late… :cry:

When you try to register, it says:

We are currently not accepting any further registrations for several days during our initial launch. Please check back later.
We have currently accepted 20,000 signups, and will accept a further 10,000 within 14 days.

If it is not another marketing strategy, then I think AventureMail is quite regret about offering 2GB free email account(without 3rd party advertisement).

Unlike Gmail, anybody can register AventureMail without being invites/selected. So, I am not surprise about 20,000 signups in the several days during their initial launch.

Let’s see when will it open registeration again. :)

BTW, don’t be too surprise if you see another 3GB or 10GB email account. For me, they are merely overselling the space. Let’s say average users email account is 50MB, they can offer 2000 x GBs email account on a 10GB hard disk drive(since you do not use up to 2GB).

Of course, the total user will increase dramastically due to the attractive email storage, at the end, the hard disk space never be enough. That’s one of the reason Gmail does not open registeration to public, and also the reason caused the AventureMail halted the free registeration, I think.

Afterall, I still prefer email account with POP/IMAP access, so that I can download the emails to my 200GB hard disk drive. :P

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