DiGi RM99 Unlimited Wireless Internet Access

Read about DiGi HighSpeed Data Package advertisement in the newspaper just now. I am attracted by the RM99 per month and unlimited access. Hey, I can use it to replace my expensive monthly dial-up bill :!:

Here is what says in DiGi website:

As a DiGi postpaid customer, you can now have faster connections at a reasonably low rate. Yes, just subscribe to our new HighSpeed Data Package at a flat rate of RM99 per month and you can get unlimited EDGE or GPRS usage as long as your phone is within the EDGE or GPRS coverage area.


  • you are DiGi post paid user
  • An EDGE or GPRS support mobile phone
  • PC, notebook, Pocket PC or Palm(optional. To access Internet using other devices.)

How fast is it?
GPRS (defination): transmission rates typically up to 20 or 30 Kbps (with a theoretical maximum of 171.2 Kbps). 30Kbps is about 3.75KiloByte/second.

EDGE(Enhanced Data rates for Global Evolution): data transfer rates up to 384 Kbps(same speed as Streamyx broadband home package). Here is DiGi EDGE coverage areas.

RM30/month* + RM99/month = RM129

*the cheapest DiGi post paid plan.

The small note…
This RM99 flat rate plan only available until 31 December 2004. We assume it will back to normal charge rate after the promotion period, that is RM0.10 per 10KB. :neutral:

RM129 for unlimited Internet access. It is definately better deal than dial up internet access. Can we cancel DiGi postpaid after 31 December 2004? If can, then register it now and enjoy half year flat rate access. :)

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