Filter Adsense Ads for Higher CTR

Have you notice that my blog seldom display blog related ads and the ads are more revelant to the content than yours? Here I share my tip to filter Google Adsense ads for higher click thru rate(CTR).

Google Adsense is contextual ads, it select advertisements based on your website content. Sound cool, but often the selected ads is not related to your content. Well, that’s the limitation of robots. *shrug*

We(I) believe that highly relevant ads will helps to increase CTR(click thru rate), which also means increase your earning.

The common problem for blog site is that Google Adsense always display blog related ads, regardless the content of your blog(e.g.: display blog hosting ads in a food blog).

Google already know the problem, it provides a Competitive Ad Filter (Ads Settings -> Competitive Ad Filter) in Google Adsense.

Google combines advanced technology with editorial staff to ensure the highest quality standards in our ad program, but we recognize that you may not want certain ads, such as your competitors’ ads, to show on your website. Ads that link to sites on your filter list won’t appear on your content pages.

Though the ads are not competitors to us(bloggers), but we can make use of the ads filter to get higher relevant ads, by filter out those blog related ads. ;)

Google has prepared a guide on Competitive Ad Filter for you.

Bonus #1
Thought Google says filtering ads may reduce your earning, don’t be afraid! Google has alot advertisers! Filtering unrelated ads will only bring you more related ads.

Well, when you see no ads displayed, that means you gone too far and it’s time to reduce your filter list. :P

Bonus #2
When I see an unrelated ad always displayed in my blog, I will filter it out to save the space for other ads.

My CTR increased by triple(3x) after filtered those $%^& blog ads. :mrgreen:

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