I Got Google Wave Invite!

google wave logoThis morning I woke up and checked my emails on iPhone. An email made me jump off my bed! I received an Google Wave invite! I have been waiting for it for weeks!

email: google wave invite
Thank you, @derekw!

For your information, Google Wave requires a Google Account (Gmail). Your Gmail username will be used as the Google Wave username too.

Therefore, you really don’t need to rush to have a Google Wave account now to grab a nice Google Wave username.

The Google Wave registration is easy and fast. Simply follow the Google Wave invitation link on the email and log in your Google Account and you are almost done!

you have been invited to Google Wave!
You will get a your_gmail_username@googlewave.com email account. Mine is liewcf@googlewave.com (drop me a message, google wave users!)

First time login, you receive a message from “Google Wave Doctor” with an embedded video to help you get started with Google Wave, as well as a few of Google Wave tutorial videos.

Typing messages is live! You can see your friend typing message to you. It is Real time communication! Multiple player games is possible on Google Wave too.

Learn more about Google Wave

By the way, I created a Google Profile after getting my Google Wave account.

For me, Google Wave is “a complicated and powerful Gmail for group or co-workers”. It is less useful to someone who work alone, like me.

OK, maybe I haven’t discover the real power of Google Wave yet. ;-)

Have you request/ask for a Google Wave invite? Have you get your Google Wave invite yet? What do you think about Google Wave?

P.S. Oh! If you are about to ask, I have NOT see any Google Wave invites on my account, yet. I will let you know as soon as I got the invites to be send out. Promised! Follow my blog or twitter @liewcf

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