Restoration – Restore Deleted Files

“Opps! I accidently deleted the important file!”

Does it sound familiar to you? It become even worse when you also emptied “Recyle Bin”! How to get back the files?!?!

Don’t worry. It is not the end of the world yet! ;)

Here I introduce you a small(~145KB) and free tool — Restoration. It is a software to restore deleted files, even not found in “Recycle Bin”!


  • Small size.
  • No installation required. Can run from floppy disk!
  • Support Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
  • Support FAT12/FAT16/FAT32/NTFS
  • It is FREE!

Download Restoration

To test “Restoration”, I unzip the files(4 only) into my USB disc. The program interface is simple, beginner should not have problem with it.

How to rescue?

  1. select drive you want to scan for deleted files.
  2. (optional) enter the file type you want to rescue. In the screenshot above, I choose to scan for text file only(.txt).
  3. Click “Search Deleted Files” button to start scanning process.
  4. The found deleted files will be listed in the file list. Select the file(s) want to restore, and click “Restore by Copying” to save the restored file(s) to another drive.
  5. Done. Your files are back! :)
  6. Note:
    To have deeper scan(but spend more time), tick “Include used cluster by other files”. However, files may have overwritten already.

I tested “Restoration” to scan deleted files in my USB disk. Hey, it works too!

Wait, Do you mean anyone can restore my deleted private files now?!
Don’t worry. While “Restoration” can restore deleted files, it has another opposite function — “Complete deletion”(click “Other” then “Delete Completely”). It will wipe off files completely so that the files are impossible to restore by any file rescue software.

Though “Restoration” is not perfect, but it can be your life safer in emergency case. Plus, it is a freeware!

Now if my friend call me for rescue(file), I only need to bring along my USB disk with “Restoration” inside. Oh! I can charge them for a meal! :twisted:

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19 thoughts on “Restoration – Restore Deleted Files”

  1. Hey !!! This software is great !!!! Love it :cool: one problem though … my files are encoded when thay are restored. If possible, can u advise me on what to do in this case….:???:

  2. Restoration [edited]!!!! It couldn’t find two of my lost files, that I knew still were there. I could easily see them when in command prompt looking in the hidden recycler folder! But [edited] restoration couldn’t find them!! WHY!!???!!

    [ Edited by LiewCF ]

  3. I tried to restore my pics from the USB….but as i copied it to my drive, when i open the file, I couldn’t see my pics …..plz help…


    I had someone accidently delete an entire drive on a shared computer!
    Was able to restore the drive, but have one suggestion for future release.

    Add capability to select multiple (or all) files. I had to restore one file at a time (363 files and folders)


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