OMG! It Is 3GB Webmail!!!

Believe it or not, the latest biggest free webmail size is 3GB! Wow! It is 15,0000% more than Hotmail(2MB)! The crazy fellow is UnitedEmailSystems(UES).

Immediately, I registered an account and give you first hand look into the unbelievable 3GB webmail!

The website is simple and greeted by a pretty chinese girl. UES emphasize on “Yahoo! Group friendly”, I do not understand what does it means though. At the bottom of the page will see a big statistic chart of SpamCop. Seems like they have very good spam filtering system.

Unlike other free GB mail, UES has few domain name for you to choose from. Here is the list of available domain name:


Anyway, I don’t think these domain names are easy to be remembered…

Sign up is easy and fast. You only required to submit minimum information. The “Email Preferences” ask you to choose login style between “Advance” and “Simple”. Advance login style has prettier interface but required Internet Explorer 6 and fast connection. (Screenshots available below). Besides, you can choose from 5 different interface’s language. Chinese is included.

What’s Special?

  • Ads free.
  • Auto email forward.
  • Auto email reply.
  • Spam filter powered by SpamAssassin. Greatly reduce the amount of spam mails receives.
  • Calendar – assign daily tasks using easy to use interface. (screenshot)
  • Sync – can sync your Outlook address book and tasks. (However, I am unable to get it works.)
  • SMS alert for new email or messages that match a filter. (need to buy credits)

The Backend:
After some checking, I found that UES is using a webmail software by CalaCode, called @Mail. Among the clients of @Mail are SpyMac(another GB free mail provider), Sony, Hostway, RedHat, Hewlett Packard, NEC, Ford, etc.

I found that UnitedEmailSystems mail cannot send out new email:!::?:

Though it can receives emails and REPLY emails back, but when I try to compose and send out a new email from UES the receiver will not get the emails! The email lost in space?!

The domain name — is only just registered at June 2004, according to Whois Source. What a new website…

The 3GB space is really generous. UES use powerful spam filter, it don’t get bigger space for more spams. ;) The interface is eyes attracting and suit my taste very well, I mean the Simple interface.

However, the problem of failed to send out new email really stop me from using it! It can receive, reply but not send new mail… :( Let me know if you can use UES to send out new mail.

By the way, UES is ads free(read: less/no profit). I really wonder how long can it survive, since it is just started few months…

Perhaps I will replace Gmail with UES, if the send new email problem solved and it has better business plan (serve ads?). :)

Let’s see who come out 5GB free mail first! Muahahaha… :mrgreen:

Hey Hotmail! When are you going to upgrade the pity 2MB mail?

*Thanks to CCChow(news:tmnet.communities) for the link.

Updated: Just after few hours I blog of this, the UnitedEmailSystems website found to be down! :???:

Updated (22 Sep 2004): UnitedEmailSystems is back online!

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