What to Expect for iPhone 5S?

iPhone 5S concept design
iPhone 5S concept design

So far, Apple introduced its iPhone – with one exception – in rhythm. The date for the phone would be accordingly revised October 2013. But this time, many expect an earlier date. Reason: Apple needs to catch up! Other smart phones are the current iPhone 5 superior in many respects.

That’s why many think we know: Apple will soon release a better equipped version called “iPhone 5S“. Even a more favorable cost-method no longer applies as excluded. First design studies and possible feature lists are already circulating on technology websites and blogs. So what will bring the iPhone allegedly coming?


The iPhone is not only high-tech, but also fashion object. Therefore the unanimous opinion: the glass and metal materials mainly used to stay at the top iPhone series.
The rumors of a cheaper iPhone model will not tear nonetheless: conceivable that this model then gets a plastic housing. It would be nothing new: The iPhone models 3G and 3GS stuck in a plastic sleeve. As unlikely is a smaller iPhone. The iOS has not yet been prepared for this.

Display and Camera

It has long been a retina display at all the top smartphones the rule rather than the exception. Newer models can display full HD videos without scaling. IPhone coming from the fans at least expect that Apple will catch up. The dream of a bending-display or even a 3D holographic screen is probably still unfulfilled.
Tellingly are probably the speculations about the built-in camera: next iPhone model it should snap pictures with twelve megapixels – technically quite feasible.


Samsung and Apple warring for months in court – yet Apple is still good Samsung customer when it comes to semiconductor chips. That could change with the next-generation iPhone. Rumor of Apple’s upcoming A7 chip will already be done – and no longer be produced by Samsung.

At interfaces and extensions Apple will probably maintain its course: As an extension, there is a USB port for the iPhone 5 although already – but what the Lightning interface to give up, though it can still make money with additional hardware?

Release Date

It’s true: The iPhone does not lead technologically far in all areas – yet it still sells better than any other smartphone. This success is not based on the weight of features, but the successful concept.

Therefore, Apple could still leave time with a new model quite well. And maybe that’s also wise: Finally, from an iPhone much more is expected than any other smartphone. Only technically catch up with competitors is not enough there.
But who knows, maybe Apple surprised not only with a premature date, but also a completely new iPhone concept.

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