List of Ping Services

Do you know that ping services can help you to increase visitors? When updates blog, you ping the ping services then your site will be listed in the ping services site. It expose your weblog to the many others.

I have compile a list of free open ping services. This list is merge of Ping-O-Matic and A List of RPC and RPC2 to Ping by Elliott Back.

I have removed the invalid URLs(either death or membership required), all listed ping URLs are working by the time I am writing this. Read on for the Ping Services List.

Setup Ping Services for WordPress
Login WordPress admin panel, goto “Options” > “Writing” and paste the list into “Update Services” field. One URL each line. Click “Update Options” button and you are done.

Actually, pinging the Ping-o-matic(default of wordpress) is enough for normal bloggers. Ping-o-matic will ping few others popular ping services for you.

For DieHard bloggers like me, you can try to ping other listed URL. Let me know if it increase your blog traffic. :)

Updated (7 March 2005):
Seems like the list is too long and caused the entry’s trackback does not work(timeout). Here are the only few that I am using now:

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