Malaysia Bloggers Forum Launched!

Dear bloggers,

Welcome to MalaysiaBloggers.com!

MalaysiaBloggers.com is a discussion forum dedicated to local bloggers to build a bloggers community group and help each others on blogging.

Please register yourselves to join the other local bloggers. If you have any problem or found any bug, please post in the Feedback board.

Thank you.

**Special thanks to Mr. Lee Cher Yeong from Mosets.com for donating vBulletin forum script.

[ Visit Malaysia Bloggers Forum ]

Guys, as promised, I created the Malaysia Bloggers Forum in this weekend. Please join in and meet other local bloggers! Please invite your friends to join us!

“Suruh rakan awak datang… Suruh rakan awak suruh rakan rakan awak datang… Suruh rakan rakan awak suruh rakan rakan rakan awak datang… …”

Before we have a logo design, please use the following HTML code to link to Malaysia Bloggers Forum:

Malaysia Bloggers Forum


Syndicate Malaysia Bloggers Forum

In short, please:

  • Join the forum
  • Link to to the forum
  • Tell everyone about the forum
  • Visit the forum everyday

Ok, I did it. I am not sure how is the response about the forum. A blog site is personal, but a forum needs alot of supportive members.

Anyway, now we have a comfortable place to talk with other local bloggers. Cheers! :)

P/S: It is quite sad that I heard a few local bloggers quit blogging…

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