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Metropolitan College Blog-It Competition

Metropolitan College launched Blog-It! competition for its 20th anniversary celebration. The competition is divided into two parts, blog writing and blog design.

Blog-It Competition

There are many prizes for the winners such as NextG Prepaid Card, hamper, magazine subscribtion, MP3 player, and handphone. This competition is open to all Upper Secondary (Forms 4-6) students of any public or private secondary school in Malaysia.

Unfair game?

Since I am not a good writer, I don’t comment about the blog writing competition. But for blog design competition, the rules and regulation is not complete.

There is no rule that your blog design should be designed by you. Meaning, you can use any pre-made, free blog template. And, the best blog design will solely be decided by number of votes garnered. Meaning, no professional judge.

So, if I want to win the “Best Blog Design” award, I only need to find a good looking blog design for my blog and ask my friends to vote for me everyday. That’s easy!

Take a look at the current Top 5 “Best Blog Design”

Blog It competition blog design top 5

All the blogs are using pre-made template or other’s design! Only Tan Wei Le, the current Top 1, is using own designed blog banner. The 3rd place, Lee Jun Haw is using a “Vistered Little” free wordpress design.

Now, please tell me who should win the “Best Blog Design” award?

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