A Letter to Silicon Alley Insider Editor: I am NOT Jason Chen

LiewCF is NOT Jason Chen

Dear Silicon Alley Insider editor (Nicholas Carlson),

I believe you have made a silly mistake in the recent Silicon Alley Insider article “Here’s all the stuff cops confiscated from Gizmodo editor Jason Chen” published on Apr 26, 2010.

The photo you used is my pro-blogger cards but you referred it as “one box of business cards for suspect chen”.

That’s wrong!

Dear, please use your eyes and brain. The cards clearly printed my full name “Liew Cheon Fong”, not “Jason Chen”.

Did you simply Google for the photo and used it in your article (without giving me credit) and assumed the cards belong to Jason Chen? That’s very misleading. How could you make such mistake?Jason Chen is the famous Gizmodo editor who revealed the lost/stolen iPhone 4G. I am a full-time tech blogger in Malaysia.

OK, I admit that Jason Chen and I have some similarities: we both are men, bloggers, and love gadgets. But.. but.. I believe, I am more handsome than Jason!

Jason Chen (Gizmodo) with iPhone 4G
Jason Chen with iPhone 4G [image by Gizmodo]

LiewCF with iPhone 3GS
Yours truly, Liew Cheon Fong (aka LiewCF) with iPhone 3GS

Now you see. I am more handsome & cute and definitely not Jason Chen! :-P

Liew Cheon Fong

P.S. I would love to send you a blogger card of mine.

[Thanks to everyone who tip me]

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13 thoughts on “A Letter to Silicon Alley Insider Editor: I am NOT Jason Chen”

  1. man, this is hilarious. these guys can’t tell the difference between the names? this is what happens when people dont concentrate on their work. if only they paid a little more attention. but hey, liew, free publicity!

  2. Free publicity alright. I would be pissed though. If I was gonna publish anyone’s name anywhere I would definitely be more careful about it.

  3. This was quite funny. On one hand, it’s quite right to point out that you name has been abused quite a bit by Carlson. Then again, you should be quite glad to get such free publicity for your brand, right? :P


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