Promotional Laptop Backpack in Malaysia

promotional laptop backpack
promotional laptop backpack

Nowadays, we will think of a laptop first when we want to buy a computer. Laptop is the first choice over desktop computer for reasons.

Laptop is lightweight and portable, with more than enough computing power to complete your daily tasks. Laptop is also getting more and more affordable.

When you are shopping for laptop, you may want to add laptop backpack into your shopping list too.

Laptop backpack is important to protect your investment (laptop) while you are on the road. A good ergonomic design laptop backpack not only protect your shoulder and back but also more comfortable.

Beside keeping your laptop, a laptop backpack with multiple layers and pockets allows you carry tablet, power bank, charger, documents and more. Pack them all in your laptop backpack and you are ready to go anytime and work anywhere.

laptop backpack
laptop backpack

You may also want a waterproof laptop backpack to avoid liquid damage to your laptop and documents. You do not want your laptop soak in water after rain, do you?

Laptop backpack comes in many designs and styles. Make sure you choose the one you love and want to use it everyday.

Since laptop backpack is important for most of us, it is a good choice for promotional gifts. A laptop bag with your company logo or advertising message will help to promote your company branding., a laptop bag supplier Malaysia offer great selection of laptop bags with three types of customization: silkscreen printing, embroidery and heat transfer.

Silkscreen printing – most common and economical way. Can print up to 4 solid colours, no gradient colour.

Embroidery Stitching – fabric decoration with needle and thread. The cost is depends on the dimension of the stitching surface, not number of colours. It is durable and washable. The best way to promote corporate identity because the logo is permanent and long lasting.

Heat Transfer – a method of transferring artwork onto fabric using heat press. It can produce artwork with gradient color. Cost is depends on quantity and printing dimension. The lasting of printing is depends on how the user handling the bag because the printing is prone to scratching.

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