4 Reasons NOT to Buy iPhone 4S

Editor’s note: iPhone 4S has finally launched in Malaysia and many people were eagerly to be iPhone 4S owner at the launch day. Amelia Hunter has a different option though. She bought iPhone 4S, but regret for buying it. Read on for her reasons.

When the iPhone 4S was just released, I was among those who fell in love with it from the first sight. I read many user reviews and articles about it, watched videos demonstrating its unboxing, software features, camera and other advantages. And what I liked most in the new iPhone was… Siri, of course. I found many funny articles about Siri’s smart and funny responses and about the Easter Eggs hidden in it. I really liked it and decided to buy an iPhone at last (though I wanted to buy a Galaxy Nexus first).

About a week ago I bought a SIM-free iPhone 4S. My new device from Apple looks great, has a very nice build quality, a powerful camera and rather good performance, but still it’s not what I expected, so, to tell the truth, I was a bit disappointed. Below I’ll try to explain why I am disappointed in the new iPhone and bring 4 reasons not to buy it:

1. Siri isn’t that great

As I have said above, Siri was one of the main reasons I bought the iPhone 4S – I really wanted to have a look at this smart user assistant that could speak with me and understand what I said… But Siri turned out to be not that great.

First of all, it takes Siri several long moments to understand what you’re saying – I ask her my questions and wait for some 5-10 seconds for her to respond.

Second, sometimes Siri doesn’t understand what I’m saying. I’m a journalist and I’ve always thought I have no problem with my pronunciation, but it took me some 5 or 6 attempts to make Siri understand what I was asking “Who is” and not “Boys”, “Please” or even “Cool ease” (they don’t even sound similar, heh…).

Third, Siri uses the Internet connection to function, so if there’s a slight problem with the connection, or if you don’t want to keep it on, you won’t be able to “chat” with your smart assistant.

2. Too expensive

The unlocked iPhone 4S is rather expensive – the 16GB version costs about $650 (at Amazon). But the problem is – not only buying an iPhone takes much money, having an iPhone takes much money, too!

As I said above, Siri uses the Internet connection to work, plus the phone has a lot of features that will need the Internet, too (haven’t found all to turn them off yet). So in these few days my phone spent about £10 on doing nothing (does Siri consume THAT much?).

Maybe it’s because my phone is unlocked, and it would be cheaper if I had an iPhone 4S on contract (UK). But anyway it’s a fact that the iPhone 4S consumes a lot of money.

3. Glass body

It’s a shame that only after buying the new iPhone 4S I stumbled upon this drop test on YouTube showing how fragile the phone is:

I haven’t bought a protective case for my phone yet and now, after watching this video, I’m really afraid to drop it. Seems like its glass case won’t survive even a single drop… Will a case really protect it? I’m not sure about this now…

4. Privacy problems?

In my old Samsung phone I could protect my photos, text messages and any directories I wanted with a password so no one could ever see them without knowing the password (maybe there’s something I’d like to hide, after all…), but I can’t see a similar feature in the iPhone 4S.

I don’t know, maybe I haven’t found the right way to do this yet or maybe there’s an app for that, but at the moment this is a big shortcoming for me anyway…

Of course, the iPhone 4S has a lot of advantages, too, and it’s a good phone overall, but the little problems I mentioned above (they’re all my opinion, of course, and I guess there are many people for whom those are not shortcomings at all) really made me regret for buying it…

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Amelia Hunter. If you would like to contribute too, please contact me.

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5 thoughts on “4 Reasons NOT to Buy iPhone 4S”

  1. Not to mention there are tons of Android phones out there is currently better than iPhone 4S in almost all aspects.  If you still refuse to leave Apple … it is better to wait for iPhone 5.

  2. Previously Iphone 3 & 4 is more advance in technology compare to many smartphone in the market, window, symbian or android base.
    However many other smartphone is catching up fast even some are better, i4s no longer a big surprise in the market


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