Will You Buy the (prototype) iPhone 4G?

The Apple iPhone 4G?
[image by Gizmodo]

Confirmed. Gizmodo’s iPhone 4G is real. No matter it is the final next iPhone or a prototype, it is genuine and Apple want it back.

Forget about how Gizmodo settle the case with Apple. The question now is “Will you buy the Apple iPhone 4G?”

Based on the prototype (I believe), you might get a iPhone 4G with: new design, front-facing camera, better back-camera with flash, better display, noise cancellation, and micro-SIM slot.

Buy iPhone 4G?

Are the new features enough to convince you to swipe your credit card?

Not for me, an existing iPhone 3GS user. I am happy with current iPhone 3GS. Though the new features make iPhone a better smartphone.

If I don’t own an iPhone now, I will get the iPhone 4G (provided that my local telco will support mico-SIM card).

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iPhone OS 4: What Everybody Ought to Know About

Apple iPhone OS 4

Apple has announced the iPhone OS 4, the newest mobile operating system for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. The iPhone OS 4 has over 100 new user features and 1500 new APIs for developers.

What should you know about iPhone OS 4? Here are the features highlights of iPhone OS 4:

Multitasking, sort of

Yes, finally, iPhone OS supports multitasking! The feature allows you to run multiple apps at the same time and easily switch among them.

However, in order to reduce consumption of system resources, the background processes are limited to 7 classes: music, VOIP (read: Skype), GPS, Push notification, Local notification, and Fast app switching.

Don’t expect the multitasking works like you have on your computer.


Now you can group iPhone apps together into a folder. Example: put all game apps into a game folder. Folder name is auto generated but you can rename it. You can also change the wallpaper of the iPhone folder.

Better Mail app

Mail for iPhone now use unified inbox so that you can have multiple email accounts delivered into one inbox. Thread messages is integrated.Open email attachments in third-party app. Also, iPhone OS 4 now support multiple Exchange accounts.


Similar to the iBooks on iPad but a smaller version. Support wireless page and notes syncing.

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OMG! WTH! Who Leaked iPhone DiGi Plans?!

digi response to leaked iphone plans

Somebody leaked DiGi iPhone plans ahead before DiGi Malaysia announce it at April 1st, 2010. DiGi wasn’t too happy about it.

@DiGi_Telco (DiGi Malaysia official twitter account) was getting too excited about it and tweet:

“OMG ZOMG WTH weih where did you guys get all these info on the iPhone plans. We demand to know who leaked these out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WEIIIIIIII”

That’s a funny reaction. :)

Who leak DiGi iPhone deals?

The twitter user @biznewsMY leaked the DiGi iPhone deals on Twitter with a link to its blog. According to the blog post’s timestamp, the info was leaked in the night of March 29, 2010.

DiGi only discovered about it in this morning, after Malaysians spreading it all over twitter & facebook.

A good PR, if it is done purposely. :)

The leacked DiGi iPhone deals

There are 3 soft copy of DiGi iPhone launch leaflets, which appeared to be leaked from the design studio.

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Claim Maxis iPhone Warranty? I’m Expert!

YES! I finally got back my Apple iPhone from Maxis Malaysia. This is my 3rd iPhone since since August 2009.

Maxis iPhone 3GS photo
AppleCare Protection Plan for iPhone

The 1st iPhone was bricked. The 2nd iPhone’s screen glass was cracked. I pray that the 3rd iPhone will have a longer lifespan than the previous two…

Based on my experiences, no problem to claim warranty for Maxis iPhone. As long as the problem is covered by warranty, then they will fix iPhone for you.

Tip: Visit Maxis Centre with less customers to shorten your waiting time in queue. For iPhone problems, usually take 10-20 minutes to serve customer!

The waiting period is at least 4 weeks! And, you still need to pay for the monthly fee of Maxis iPhone package during the period.

Got brand new iPhone

Did I just say “fix”? No, Maxis does not fix iPhone but give you a new replacement unit (body only)!

I claimed iPhone warranty for 2 times and got back new iPhone each time! Each comes with own warranty card!

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