At Last, TM Customer Support is on Twitter (@TMConnects)

Tmconnect twitter

Telekom Malaysia (TM), largest Internet Service Provider, is now providing customer support on Twitter using @TMConnects handler.

The Twitter account is not to be confused with the official Telekom Malaysia Bhd Twitter account, @TMCorp. @TMConnects is the official channel for TM service-related support and queries. And, they have a working hour of Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. As well as, rules of engagement.

Read about for my TM connect experience after the break.

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5 Ways the Tech World will Change in 2011

This is a guest post by James Yeang. If you would like to contribute too, please contact me.

digital globe

As 2010 comes to a close, I’ve whipped out my crystal ball, and here are my predictions for the year that is to come.

1. Facebook will sell stats

The social network giant has become the defacto minimum requirement for any business to engage with its community, so much so that some businesses use their Facebook page as their primary web presence rather than their official website. With millions of Facebook fan/business pages in play, coupled with the open secret that facebook tracks every click, Facebook has the ability to supply businesses with incredibly rich data on how people interact with their page – which many organizations would pay for – especially due to the horribly inadequate stats which Facebook currently provides for free.

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HOW TO: Unfollow Inactive Twitter Users Using UnTweeps

Untweeps - unfollow inactive twitter users

If you are on Twitter and following many users, you might want to unfollow those who do not update for a long time. Afterall, no point to follow a Twitter user who does not tweet.

Previously, I told you about MyCleenr to clean your Twitter contact list but now it is closed.

Now, I found another tool to unfollow Twitter users who do not tweet often — UnTweeps. It is fast, easy to use, free, and it works!

Read on for the UnTweeps tutorial.

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Get Pingdom FREE to Monitor Website Uptime and Performance. 100% FREE!

As a website or blog owner, it is important to know when your site is down. Pingdom offers a FREE account to monitor your website uptime and performance. It will alert you immediately when your site is down via Email, SMS, iPhone and Twitter.

(Disclaimer: I am a happy paid customer of Pingdom service and I do not get paid for this post.)

Pingdom FREE is the “free version of the pro service”, no promotional code needed. You’ll get every account features in a paid account. The catch? Pingdom FREE only monitors ONE website of yours.

Anyway, if you have more than 1 websites then you probably could afford the Pingdom Basic account which is USD$9.95/month.

What you get from Pingdom FREE account?

  • 1 minute check
  • Multiple check locations
  • Uptime reports
  • Response time resprts
  • Error analysis
  • Immediate alerts via Email, SMS, Pingdom app for iPhone, Twitter Direct Message
  • Public and email reports
  • 20 free SMS alerts (International phone number supported)

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