The World’s Richest Man

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Maybe not Bill Gates anymore. Surprised? So am I.

The well known Microsoft’s Bill Gates is the world’s richest man for the past few years. According, Bill Gates worth $46.6 billion at year 2004.

The new world richest man is IKEA (sound familiar huh?) founder – Ingvar Kamprad, 77, from Switzerland SWEDEN. He has a personal fortune of 400 billion crowns ($53 billion), says Kamprad was rank as 14th world richest man in year 2003 by

However, IKEA spokewoman, Marianne Barner, does not agree.

“Estimating the value of the company, including all the stores, and saying it’s all Ingvar’s, that is totally wrong. Ingvar Kamprad does not own Ikea. Ingvar donated the concern to the Dutch Stichting INGKA Foundation in 1982.”, she said. (src:

Note:’s list of world richest man for year 2004 stated that Bill Gates is the 1st, while Ingvar Kamprad is 13th.

The Richest Malaysians
Genting founder, Lin Goh Tong? You are wrong. Malaysia richest man is Robert Kuok, now living in HongKong. Ranked #111 in the world(Uncle Lin is #262), with $4.2 billion. Here is list of Malaysian billionaire.

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