Upgraded to WordPress 2.0.7

WordPressFinally, I have upgraded LiewCF.com to use WordPress 2.0.7! It was my first WordPress 2 upgrade. My last WordPress upgrade was WordPress 1.5.3 beta 1 10 months ago!

I did not upgrade 1.5 to 2.0 because afraid of incompatibility of WordPress plugins. But as the WordPress security problems increased, I had upgrade to fix them.

Overall, the upgrade process was smooth, without any serious problem.

Before the upgrade process, I did a full CPANEL full backup on the server. I think that’s the easiest way to backup both your WordPress files and database. Just make sure you have at least 50% free capacity of your hosting account.

The whole upgrade process took several hours. I spend most of the time on deactivating and activating plugins, and upgrading old plugins (I use A LOT of plugins!). I voted both features for the upcoming WordPress version. :)

Basically, all my installed WP1.5 plugins work on WP2.0, except Adhesive (make a post sticky). Any alternative?

Spot an error? Eventhough I checked this site for error after the WordPress upgrade, it might still has undiscovered errors. If you find any error, please report it. Thank you!

P.S. If you haven’t upgrade WordPress, please do so as soon as possible. The latest WordPress fixed a lot of security problems.

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9 thoughts on “Upgraded to WordPress 2.0.7”

  1. hmm.. I don’t think there’s any errors here. But I think you will upgrade your wordpress again very soon as version 2.1 is said to be released on 23rd January (tomorrow??) Hopefully my info is correct… :P

    can’t wait to get my hands on the new version…

  2. Congrats on the smooth upgrades, 1.5.3 to 2.0.7..amazing haha.
    I’m upgrading my blogs too but it’s easier since it;s from 2.0 to 2.0.7

  3. OOps..forget to add….i think it’s also important to delete the upgrade.php file in the wp-admin folder after upgrade has taken place.

  4. i would love to upgrade but i don’t know how. i am scared to tamper with the cpanel or whatever since i’m non techie savvy. just wish someone can do it for me!

  5. I’d also be interested in an adhesive replacement – it seems like redalt has been down for some months. “Stickyness” should be a core functionality, IMHO.


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