Shortcuts for WordPress Editor Quicktags

WordPressEvery WordPress users should know what are the Quicktags. They are the buttons to insert HTML tags(bold, italic, image, …) into WordPress editor. But few people know that the buttons have shortcuts. No more leaving your hands off keyboard while blogging!

Here are the quicktags shortcuts:

Alt+B = Bold

Alt+I = italic

Alt+Q = Blockquote

Alt+T = more (Read More tag)

Alt+U = ul (Unordered list)

Alt+O = ol (Ordered list)

Alt+L = li (list item)

Alt+A = link

Alt+C = code

Alt+S = ins

Alt+D = del

Alt+P = Publish (the post)

Note: Mac users use Ctrl key instead of Alt. You might want to try Alt+Shift too.

For advance users, you can hack the Quicktags and add your own buttons!

WordPress 2 (Visual QuickStart Guide)

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