Making Money While I was Not Blogging

I am a fulltime blogger but I was away for a long time and didn’t update my blog at all. Did it affect my online revenue? Not really. In fact, I am still getting the same amount of money while I am doing nothing. Dream job, right?

adsense earning when no blog update

The above is part of the line chart of my AdSense earning for the days while I was away(6th – 27th Feb). The total earning for each day might look vary a lot, but the average earning is same as the normal days.

How about the site traffic? Just like the AdSense earning, there is not much different on site traffic while I was away. The site is still getting same amount of pageviews even I was not blogging. traffic for Feb 2008

The above graph is generated by Google Analytics for during the away period. As you see, It is a stable straight line throughout the days.

No update, but still getting the same traffic and money. Isn’t it great?

Does it mean I do not need to blog anymore?

No, it doesn’t mean that I do not need to blog anymore. The site does not making money forever without updates.

What is proven here is that your previous contents are money makers, even you have forgotten them. The old posts might not making money when you published them. But, one day, some of them might become the most popular posts of your blog.

Currently, LiewCF Tech Blog has about 3,000 blog posts (this is the 2,999th) and getting a lot of traffic from search engines. Most visitors are here not for the latest blog posts but the old posts.

Advice: Keep posting. You may not know which article making most money to you in the future.

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17 thoughts on “Making Money While I was Not Blogging”

  1. I’ve always come to this thinking, when the graph is constant, it means I’m not improving. You are right liew, you never knew which content will make you traffic or money. Btw, blog more often laa..

  2. How true! Yes, when your blog has become more and more established, it’s going to be that it’s your previous content that keeps drawing people in through google searches and stuff.

  3. Liew,

    I see that you are living on adsense and google search engine

    Let say 1 day Adsense has banned you and your site has dropped off rankings over time, what would you do?

    Would you still be taking long break?

  4. Once a blog is as established as yours it’s really no brainer that it will continue to make $$ while your gone for a while.

    All the hardwork in the past has helped you out tremendously, reaping what you sow..hehe


  5. We can only wish to be as established as you are dude.
    Congrats on all the hard work paying off. Hopefully we’ll be as successful as you are soon.

  6. You really inspire me to work harder now and enjoy my blogging when my blog is well establish :)

  7. You are so good.If my website without any update for days,the numbers of visitors will drop rapidly.I think I need to keep on updating with qualities and write more so that more articles can be achieved by search engine. :)

  8. you are so lucky man. im jeolous. I have to blog everyday unless I take a break or a holiday overseas….hope to meet you again this year…..


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