1080p HD Video on YouTube, So What?

The 1080p HD video (High-Definition video) is coming to YouTube.

But I don’t feel excited at all, even though that I have 2x 24-inch monitors (see my review of Dell 2407WFP 24-inch widescreen UltraShart LCD monitor), which fully support 1080p HD video’s resolution (1920×1080 pixels). Why?

My slow-broadband connection is way too slow to watch online video at HD quality. I even need to wait for buffering when watching YouTube videos at normal quality.

Watching 1080p HD video online is a dream for me now. It took me about 5 minutes to load the 44 seconds YouTube 1080p HD video demo at below:

What’s the big deal about YouTube 1080p HD video?

In short, you enjoy better full-screen high quality of YouTube video.

You could connect your HD LCD TV to your computer and enjoy watching YouTube HD videos on your sofa.

However, before you can enjoy that, you need to have a fast broadband and a monitor/tv that support HD video.

Also, you can upload HD videos taken with your HD camcorder. Currently, YouTube accepts video quality up to 720p.

Can your monitor support 1080p HD video?

If your monitor/TV supports resolution of 1920×1080 pixels then it supports HD video, such as 24″ inch or bigger computer monitors.

If you do not have a monitor/TV that supports HD video, the YouTube 1080p video makes no difference to you (except longer buffer time).

Over to You

Do you feel excited about the news? Do you have the broadband and monitor to support YouTube 1080p HD videos? Do you record video in HD quality?

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13 thoughts on “1080p HD Video on YouTube, So What?”

  1. I have not any excited about this news, actually I don’t like to watch video on Youtube.com. I prefer to read some quality article online. Can Maxis Home fixed line ( Maxis broadband ) to support Youtube 1080p HD videos ?

  2. Yeah, same here. A 1mbps download pipe is clearly inadequate for 1080p streaming. I never even watched the previously available “HQ” videos on Youtube. It just takes too long.

  3. The main problem of viewing the 1080HD is still back to the speed of broadband. It’s still useless if the Internet connection speed is slow, although you have very nice monitor and CPU power. Haha

  4. For those renting a room or house, why not move closer to streamyx’s port/data center (whatever you call it). Am staying close to one, my download speed for a torrent file is around 80 – 100kbps. Am using the 1mbps package, not 4mbps


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