Google WiFi Passport Available for Android Users in Jakarta, Indonesia

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Google WiFi Passport is a public WiFi connection service by Google, which is now testing in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Unlike other public WiFi networks that requires you to enter passwords or register on web portal, Google WiFi Passport is one-time login. After connecting, you’ll be online for the next 24 hours in hotspot.

Currently, there’s 90 hotspots around Jakarta – hotels, residences, malls.

The service gives you 3GB Internet data for a day, or 7GB over 7 days and 10GB over 30 days.

Google WiFi Passport is exclusively available for Android users and works for Android devices running version 2.2 (Froyo) and above.

Google WiFi Passport app
Google WiFi Passport app

Friends in Indonesia can now install WiFi Passport app and buy Google WiFi Passport voucher from these outlets to activate the service.

You can get free 10 days WiFi Passport voucher at official events, or buy 20 days voucher for 20,000 IDR (~RM5.70) and 50 days voucher for 50,000 IDR (~RM14.25).


I am never a fan of free WiFi at café because it is either cannot connect or too congested, I use my own mobile data plan.

Google WiFi Passport service seems interesting at cheap price rate and generous data quota. I would like to use it if I visit Jakarta. However, I hope WiFi Passport will support PC and iOS devices soon.

Have you tried Google WiFi Passport service? Please share with us in the comment below.

➤ Google WiFi Passport [via Google Operating System]

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