List of PageRank 10 Websites In The World (2010)

Google PageRank 10One of the factor to rank well in Google search results is getting high PageRank. The highest PageRank is PR10 and it is very rate. Here are the list of PageRank 10 sites in the World:

  1. — Google homepage
  2. — World Wide Web Consortium
  3. — US Government website
  4. — US Department of Health and Human Services
  5. — The White House
  6. — Group of Eight (Education)
  7. — National portal of India
  8. — Miibeian (China’s IT department site)
  9. — CNN
  10. — Adobe Reader
  11. — Adobe Flash Player
  12. — Facebook
  13. — AddThis social bookmarking widget

5 sites in the list are government websites (3 from US, 1 India, 1 China). 2 PR10 sites are Adobe’s and the only PageRank 10 sites for software. Facebook, the World’s most popular social network site, is in the list, too.

The AddThis bookmarking widget made in the PR10 list is surprising me. I think the direct links from all the websites that use the AddThis widget boost its PageRank.

All sites’ PageRank double-checked by me using whatsmypagerank. What’s your website’s PageRank?

[via SEG]

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