What’s Great About Mac App Store?

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Apple has launched the Mac App Store which allows Mac OS X users to purchase and download Mac software using their iTunes account.

Mac users need to update to Mac OS X Snow Leopard to version 10.6.6 (100+ MB download) in order to get the Mac App Store.

Like the iTunes Store, Mac App Store highlight apps that you might interested; Show you what’s hot and staff favorites; Sorts apps in categories and allows users to search for apps they want. And, of course, the Top Paid and Free apps charts.

Update: Since it is using iTunes account, the purchased apps on Mac App Store is following you wherever you are (another Mac computer of yours). You only need to re-download the apps, say on a brand new Mac. Sweet! (thanks, @tjunkie)
Current top paid app is Angry Birds ($4.99) (yes, Mac version! Windows version available too!). Top free app is the long waiting Twitter for Mac (previously known as Tweetie).

Apps purchased is automatically downloads and shows on the Mac OS X dock. When there is new updates for the apps you purchased, you could update them via Mac App Store’s “Update” page.

However, user cannot transfer software license into Mac App Store. The same software you purchased outside Mac App Store will not get listed in Mac App Store.

MacWorld has a great article on what you need to know about Mac App Store.

My two cents

Mac App Store brings the great app shopping experience on iTunes Store for iDevice to Mac OS X.

Mac App Store also serve as Mac app management software that it remembers the app you purchased (and you can download again for free) and notify you when there is update for the purchased apps.

No more worry for lost software license keys and missed important software updates.

Now, we need a “price watcher” for Mac App Store to allow us create a wishlist and notify us whenever there’s price change! (like the AppShopper for iDevice)

Which apps have you download/purchased on Mac App Store?

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