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ChitikaChitika is quite hot recently since Darren published his Chitika Mini-Mall review. What’s so great about Chitika?

Chitika Mini-Malls Ads

First of all, Chitika is offering few types of advertiment formats but I am only talking about the Chitika Mini-Malls ads only (because only it can stay with Adsense in same page).

Chitika minimalls ads

Unlike other online advertisements, Chitika eMiniMalls is live! Each ads has a few tabs (description, best deals, reviews, and search) that give more product information to the visitors. So, it gets high click-thru-rate? Sorry, the answer is NO.


Do you surprise that Chitika eMiniMalls actually gets very low CTR? Move your mouse arrow on the ads, you will find that only graphic and the linked text is clickable (which make money). Other than that all the plain text is NOT clickable.

If a visitor clicks on plain text or empty space of the ads, the click is not valid. This is different with the Adsense ads, which the whole ads block is clickable. Base on the clickable area, I am not surprise that eMiniMalls get lower CTR.

Tip: For default display, Leaderboard, Banner and Blog banner have 100% clickable area!

High Pay per Click

Though eMiniMalls has low CTR but it pays VERY well! It pays 60% of Chitika’s revenue, which per click will easily gives you 10x more than Adsense click! This is the reason why many web publishers love Chitika.

Chitika Report

Frankly, Chitika really need to improve the reporting system interface. It looks so plain and simple, which made me think it is a fake (until Chitika paid me). Basically, you have three links only: Get eMiniMalls code, Unaudited Revenue, and Audited Revenue.

Every click on Chitika ads need to be audited before it is actually counted as your revenue. Therefore, current clicks will be listed under “Unaudited Revenue” and Chitika will review the clicks at end of the month. Approved clicks will become “Audited Revenue”, then Chitika pays you by PayPal if your revenue is over USD$10 (cheque payment is also available for revenue more than USD$50).

Unlike Adsense report, Chitika report only updated once per day. It saves you from checking the report every ten minutes. Also, Chitika does not provide ads channel to track the ads performance (heard that it is going to implement soon). Update: ads channel is implemented.

Adsense and Chitika

Previously I was using Chitika eMiniMalls ads along with Google Adsense. I contacted Adsense team to make sure Chitika ads is allowed but received a “No”. Chitika ads was removed immediately then. But, two weeks before, I was told that Adsense actually confused about eMiniMalls with other Chitika ads, Chitika eMiniMalls is ALLOWED!

But, you need to set eMiniMalls ads as “non-contextual”.

Non-Contextual Chitika eMiniMalls
We can set multiple keywords for Chitika eMiniMalls and set it as non-contextual. Quick Online Tips asked the code for us:

You can do this by adding the following lines to your code:

ch_non_contextual = 1;
var ch_queries = new Array(‘laptop‘, ‘ipod‘);
var ch_selected=Math.floor((Math.random()*ch_queries.length));
ch_query = ch_queries[ch_selected];

Please note: Replace the list of queries above (marked in red) with a meaningful set of products or queries for your type of audience.

Know the Top Products
Since it is based on keywords, how do you know WHICH words to use? Again, Quick Online Tips has the tip:

So that begs the question: How do you know what the top products in your category are ? Visit Amazon.com and Shopping.com and look at the best selling products in the category. Then copy the entire product name and test it out using the the search tab on the unit on http://chitika.com/

(PS: By using chitika.com you are not inflating your own stats). If it works, add it to the list of queries in ch_queries in your code.”

[ Chitika | FAQ ]

My two cents

I am thinking the keywords now. My site cover a lot of topics, I probably need to use tons of keywords… Anyone come out a wordpress plugin that we can insert custom tag of Chitika ads (with keywords) into wordpress post? :)

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