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The Malaysian Dotcom Youth Search

The Malaysian Dotcom Youth SearchThe Malaysian Dotcom Youth Search is the hunt for websites, portals and even blogs with the ability to generate income and influence communities with an innovative factor. The contest is opened to Malaysians aged between 18 to 30. The winner awards including RM20,000 cash prize, a notebook, and more. The closing date is 10 January 2008.

How to join The Malaysian Dotcom Youth Search?

Firstly, submit your website to YouthMalaysia. Upon approval of your application (about 1 day), you will receive an email with a HTML code. Put the code on your website. The code will act as a hit counter and vote tracker for your site.

The nominated sites

Overall, most of the nominated sites are blogs, some affiliate sites, and a few of web apps and forums. I know about 1/4 of the listed sites/blogs.

There were some listing errors but fixed after I notified the site crew. But today I spotted another site listing error..

The organizers

The organizers of The Malaysian Dotcom Youth Search are YouthMalaysia.com, MIRC Incubator, and Nuffnang.com. The contest is established in conjunction with Youth`08.

My two cents

I have submitted my application of The Malaysian Dotcom Youth Search too (yes, I am under 30 :P).

I had hard time to fill up the application form, which has very strict rules on number of words used: description of site note more than 3 words, answer “how is your site considered innovative?” in 15 words.

Trust me, I spent half an hour to edit the words!

If you have a website, forum, blog, or school/college website project, you should submit yours too. Who knows, you might be the winner? The submission is free, anyway. Join now!

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