HOW TO: Keep Your Customers Coming Back To Your Online Shop

This is a guest post by Neil. If you would like to contribute too, please contact me.

The goal of any online shop site is to sell. The goal for any online shop store owner is to sell more and the goal of the marketing department is get to get more people to the site. So that is all pretty straight forward so far, everybody knows what they have to do and everybody knows what the end goal is–sell more.

This is where things prove to get a little more difficult, a very small percentage of your traffic will buy from you on their first visit to your site, and some reports claim that online shop sites need to interact with potential clients anything up to seven times before they can secure a sale. This can prove very difficult for an online shop that is selling merchandise that is available on countless other sites and has nothing new and interesting to offer. How can we make people interested enough to keep them coming back to our sites?

The Stickiness of your online shop can prove vital if you want to continue to drive sales both from new and old customers. How can you make your online shop compelling and attractive enough so that customers will continue to return time and time again?

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Malaysian Bloggers Earn Up to $1 Million MYR Annually?

Three Cheques in a week

Fellow Malaysian bloggers are earning up to RM1 million annually and their revenue are taxable income.

The first news in this morning that caught my eyes is about “Malaysian bloggers earn up $1 million Ringgit (~USD$327,500) annually”.

“Wow! Who is that?”

According to the daily [Berita Harian], bloggers, who post their personal accounts are now exploiting their blogs for business transactions or advertisement placements, earning an average monthly income of RM70,000.

The daily highlighted blogger Mira Abu Bakar, whose highest monthly income revenue through advertising revenue was RM12,000 in 2008.

Mira, who has been operating her blog since 2005, earns an average monthly revenue of RM2,000.

She admitted that she had to declare her side income with the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) as she was unaware about it until she received an audit.

An IRB spokesman said online businesses including via Facebook were bound by the Income Tax Act 1967 and their income were taxable just like fixed income.

[via TheStar Online]

Apparently, Mira is NOT the millionaire blogger. The RM1 million revenue is for fellow Malaysian bloggerS. No idea what are their source, anyway.

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Malaysian AdSense Publishers are STILL Waiting for Payments (December 2010) [Update: Received!]

Google AdSense Payment in Progress

Malaysian AdSense publishers are frustrated with Google AdSense’s late Western Union payment for December 2010.

AdSense email: Payment Issued

I received email from Google AdSense saying my payment has been issued, but, in the AdSense account, the Western Union payment is still “in progress” since Dec 22.

I understand that Google might had a long Christmas & New Year holiday and payments maybe got delayed.

Based on the previous payment history, payments were issued before or on 27th each month.

But, it is already Jan 3rd, 2011 now! Google, I want my money now!

Update: the late payment issued has been discussed on Google AdSense Help Forum. Apparently, Malaysians publishers are affected.

Update 2: A forum user “sherly” told that Western Union Malaysia closed until Jan 2nd, 2010.

Update 3 (Jan 4, 2011): Just saw a new text on AdSense payment page:

Your December 2010 earnings will be calculated on the first week of January. Please check back on January 7, 2011 for updated payment information.

Well, we have to wait few more days then…

Update 4 (Jan 5, 2011): Google employee “Bertha” responded on forum:

Hi all –

Thank you for writing in to the forum about your payments, and I apologize that we haven’t responded sooner. It appears that publishers in Belgium and Malaysia are experiencing this issue with the “Payment in Progress” message. Please be aware that we are investigating this right now and I’ll update this thread as soon as I have more information!


AdSensePro Bertha

And, we got the payments!

At Last, Malaysians Can Top Up PayPal Using Bank Account (RHB)

RHB PayPal logo

Ever since Malaysians are able to withdraw PayPal money to local bank account, many people are wondering how to top-up PayPal account?

It was not possible until RHB Banking Group announced their new Internet banking service called “RHB-PayPal“, which allows Malaysians to top-up their PayPal account instantly via saving/current account.

RHB-PayPal is a FREE service for all RHB customers. No additional charge. It is also announced on PayPal Blog.

RHB also revealed the WorldMart where you can find the online shops that accept PayPal payments. WorldMart is a sub-site of PayPal Plaza.

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Hooray! New Google AdSense Ads Designs to Increase Your Revenue!

Google AdsenseGoogle AdSense announced the new design for content ad units. The new formats are more space-efficient and visually pleasing. The redesigned ads performed “extremely well” (read: more revenue) during testing, according to Google AdSense team.

Here are the Google AdSense content ad unit changes:

  • Leaderboard (728×90): the title, description, and URL are now arranged in rows instead of columns (except in the case when only one ad is showing)
  • Medium and large rectangles (300×250, 336×280): the URL is now in the same line as the title

As far as I can remember, these are the first major changes to the designs of Google AdSense content ad units since it was launched.

The Google AdSense ad formats page hasn’t been updated to new designs when I checked.

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